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About Sakua Gardens

‘Sakura’, the Japanese word for the cherry blossom, is seen during that period of fleeting and beautiful reflection that passes swiftly each Spring, announcing the end of Winter and a brighter future. It is such moments of beauty, happiness and tranquillity that we hope to recreate permanently in your garden.

In addition to a lifetimes love of plants, we are studied at Capel Manor college, focusing on design, horticulture, landscaping, tree and shrub care. Our employees have additional experience enabling us to apply both Japanese and Mediterranean styles and techniques to our traditional and modern ways.

What we offer

At Sakura Gardens, we provide a friendly yet professional service that covers all aspects of gardening and plant work. This includes design, installation and planting, indoor and outdoor, maintenance, renovation, clearance, pruning, tidying and landscaping. Please explore the website to find out more. Although we are based in North London, we have a number of clients in both Central and East London, ranging from small to large homes, including apartment blocks, large mansions, window boxes, offices and educational settings.

Some gardens are high maintenance, some are low. However very few require no maintenance. Please see some of our services:
  • Pruning/shaping of shrubs, trees and perennial plants
  • Lawn & Garden Care
  • Planting & Removal
  • Weeding, clearance of overgrown areas and waste removal
  • Patio/ Decking cleaning with pressure spray 

We are here for you........

We can arrange a single visit or perhaps, quarterly, monthly, fortnightly or weekly maintenance.  Please get in touch

It would be a pleasure to meet you and discuss your garden needs, please contact us to arrange a visit.



07733 989394

What Our Clients Say

Our allotment became out of control, a couple of regular visits from a member of  Sakura Gardens and we are now back on top of it. Thank you

Maggie (Southall)

We have a regular appointment from Jonathan, who looks after our grounds to a high standard, we appreciate all his hard work. 

Steve (North London)

We had an overgrown part of our school grounds. We asked Sakura Gardens to create an amphitheatre. After a number of discussions and planning we are delighted with the end product.

Mark (Northolt School)

I would recommend S.G. I have been using their services for a number of years, very good value and always listens to our requests. They have very good knowledge. 



Contact us

07733 989394

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